Australian CliMate now upgraded for iOS 8 and new iPhones

Thursday October 30, 2014

This new version is now available in the App Store. More improvements are coming in 2015.

How Often?

Rain & temperature

The likelihood of 'x' amount of rainfall over 'y' days during different periods of the year. (more...)

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How's the Season?

Rain, temperature, radiation & heat-sum

Track how the current season is progressing, as compared to past seasons. (more...)

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How Likely?

Rainfall & temperature seasonal forecast

Generate seasonal climate outlooks and assess historical forecast skill. (more...)

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How's the Past?

Rain, temperature & radiation

Review historical monthly and annual rainfall, temperature and solar radiation patterns. (more...)

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How Hot/Cold?

Cold & heat stress

Assess the chance of heat-stress and cold-stress events for any day of the year. (more...)

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How Wet/N?

Soil water & nitrate

Assess how soil water and nitrate have changed over the current fallow season. (more...)

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How's El Nino?

Atmosphere & ocean status

Assess current ENSO indicators based on key atmospheric and oceanic indicators. (more...)

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